The Fitness Analyst

The Fitness Analyst® has been the backbone of client service programs at nearly 4,000 wellness centers, commercial gyms, and personal training studios in 22 countries for over 20 years. It is no exaggeration to say that more coaches have proven the value of their training with the Analyst than any other tool ever created. In fact, BSDI won Fitness Management Magazine's coveted "Nova7" award for "Best Computerized Technology Vendor" every year the Nova7 was given. In some years, we won more votes from fitness professionals than all other vendors put together!

The Analyst has a simple goal: to document a client's change over time and progress towards their goals using scientifically valid fitness assessments and related biometrics. We provide the broadest range of fitness tests and population norms ever compiled into one system. To make it easy for coaches and trainers, we wrap it all up in BSDI's trademark "folder and page" user interface and include plenty of context-sensitive help.

The Fitness Analyst is the essential resource for any health or wellness facility needing to communicate a strong, professional image.

If you need a client training solution that runs on local hardware and have the expertise to run a local database, the Fitness Analyst remains the most sophisticated fitness assessment software ever created. The Analyst is compatible with any version of Windows except Windows 8.0 (8.1 is fine).

Even though the Fitness Analyst is Windows software and our development energies have moved to the web, BSDI will continue to support the Fitness Analyst for the foreseeable future. Please note, however, that no further releases to the package are planned and that the ACSM questionnaire uses the criteria from the sixth edition. If you are a current user and would like to expand your installation you can still do so! Please contact sales at (908) 832-2691.

Support Center

The Support Center offers information and files useful to facilities that need help with the Analyst.

Phone Support Email Support
Training Important Notes
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Help Documentation
Software Download Center  

Phone Support

Phone Support is available for an hourly charge. Clients also receive free support for the first 30 days after purchase. Support is provided between the hours of 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Our Technical Support phone number is: (908) 832-2949

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Email Support

Email Support is also available for an hourly charge.

Our Technical Support email is:

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All our products are designed to be easy to use and all Windows products come with a very comprehensive, built-in help system.  However, for those who wish to receive training, BSDI is pleased to offer web-based training. Please call (888) 273-4348 for further details.

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Important Notes

BSDI's Windows software runs on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system (except Windows 8.0). Please see our document "What operating system do you have" to determine which version of Windows you have so that you can advise BSDI as to which version to send.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link below to visit our Frequently Asked Questions link to see common questions and their answers along with some tips and tricks for using our software.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Windows Software Help Documentation (PDF Guides)

Click on the document you wish to view.

Installation, Update and Backup Guides:
Utility/Import Documentation
Software Removal Documentation
Miscellaneous Documentation

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.    Get Adobe Acrobat

Windows Software Download Center

This area holds our product upgrades and special distributions.

Note that these are the full client installation packages and are all that you will need to install our client software systems such as Fitness Analyst (you don't need your CD). This area does NOT hold the server software. That is, it is not a complete installation set.  If you are looking for an evaluation copy, please contact BSDI directly.

File Size Description
BSDI Client.msi


BSDI Client Update



This is the BSDI Version 10.20 setup program.  If you are running an earlier V10 software release, please download this release to your computer and install it. Note: if you are currently running a version prior to version 10.6 then please call us before attempting to upgrade.

Note: if you are running on multiple computers on a network, you will need to run this patch on every computer that currently runs a BSDI client application.

BSDI FTClient.msi



This is the BSDI Version 10.20 setup program for Fitness Together studios.  See the notes immediately above as they apply to this file as well.

New Version Backup Program 399KB New Backup/Restore Program that enables automated scheduling of backups. The program can be scheduled using the Windows Scheduler. The program was shipped with version 10.9.10 & above.

Admin User Reset Utility 735KB This utility provides the ability to reset the Admin user to its default setting, in the case of problems occurring due to a version upgrade.

Database Configuration and Registration Utility 1.34MB A utility that enables you to configure your Database. In addition this utility also enables you to register your BSDI software.